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  • Dust Collector Bags
  • Collector Cartridges

Product Description:

The Filter bags are carefully fabricated an sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. Filter bags can be custom designed and fabricated to meet your needs by analyzing a sample, print, sketch, or verbal description of the bag. We also offer equivalent replacement filter bags and can recommend improvements to an original filter bag. Multi-pocket bags, double bags, bin vent bags, or any type of sewn bag can easily be duplicated or designed.

We offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector bags to fit most manufacuturers’ filter bag housings.


We can help you select which style bag is best suited for your application once the following is known about your installation.

  1. Characteristic of dust
  2. Chemical content of dust
  3. Humidity or moisture
  4. Square feet of filter media
  5. CFM required
  6. Temperature range
  7. Type of existing equipment and hardware
  8. Operating experience