Product Description:

HEGA filters are efficient gas phase filters designed to remove a wide variety of odors and common indoor air pollutants at high flow velocities.

  • High contamination removal efficiency
  • Odor control for demanding IAQ applications
  • Available in a variety of styles to fit your HVAC retrofit needs
  • Low pressure drop
  • Virtually no dusting
  • Clean and easy to change
  • Excellent polishing filter where high contaminant concentrations are involved
  • Media options for improved removal of specific gases, such as ammonia (amine), acid and respective gases
  • Patented AQF® media


Aerostar HEGA filters are well suited for demanding HVAC applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports and other installations where indoor air quality problems can be found.

The filters are offered in a variety of standard sizes which will easily fit into most existing HVAC units and new construction. The dual direction design allows the standard version with header to be either forward or reverse mounted without a reduction in filter performance.

These filters are available in a variety of frame types including galvanized steel, polystyrene, and die-cut beverage board.