• Electronic Air Cleaning
  • Media Filtration Air Cleaning
  • Cartridge Filtration-Reverse Pulse Cleaning

Electronic Air Cleaning

Product Description:

Air Quality Engineering uses state-of-the-art two state electrostatic precipitators in our electronic air cleaning equipment. Electronic air cleaners are ideal for removing extremely small smoke, mist and dust particles from the air. These are removed from the air by charging the particles and then passing them through a collecter section. The advantages of using electronic air cleaners are:

  • Ideal for fine particulates, such as, smoke and coolant mist
  • Low airflow resistance compared to media filters.
  • Precipitators do not restrict airflow when dirty.
  • Low airflow resistance results in quieter and more efficient air cleaning.
  • Periodic filter replacement not required.

Media Filtration Air Cleaning

Product Description:

Media filtration removes airborne particulate contaminants by interception, impaction or impingement. Optimum filtration and filter life can be achieved by matching the fiber size, spacing, material and filter construction to meet capture, cleaning and airflow requirements specific to your application. The advantages of using media filtration air cleaners are:

  • Disposable filters are inexpensive and easy to replace
  • Can be used in conjunction with sorbents for control of odors and gaseous contaminants
  • Ideal for large particulate

Cartridge Filtration-Reverse Pulse Cleaning

Product Description:

Air Quality Engineering’s Cartridge filtration equipment is ideal for processes that generate very large quantities of fine dry particulate. Typical applications include laser cutting, plasma cutting, sanding, grinding and welding. As the filters load up with contaminants, cleaning process takes place while the air cleaner is in operation, ther is no slow-down in production to change filters. This is especially critical in high production processes where time is expensive.