• 3-Ply (15/40) Polyester Ring Panels
  • 3- Ply (15/40) Polyester Link Filters
  • 2-Ply Polyester Ring Panels
  • 2- Ply Polyester Link Filters
  • M-3 Link Filters Green/White
  • 3-Ply (15/40) Polyester Sleeve Rolls
  • 3-Ply (15/40) Pre-Cut Sleeves
  • 3-Ply (15/40) Pre-Cut Frames

Product Description:

3-Ply (15/40) Polyester Ring Panel Filters – Galvanized Wire Frame

The Aerostar 3-Ply (15/40) Polyester Ring Panel filters incorporate three distinct filter layers permanently heat-sealed around the edges.

  • Up to three times the capacity and service life of other panel filters
  • Longer service life means lower operating costs
  • Self-gasketing perimeter assures leak-proof performance
  • Media is non-allergenic, unaffected by moisture, humidity, and most corrosive chemicals
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Replaces pleats and fiberglass disposables
  • A wide range of standard and custom sizes


You may choose either the panel or link form of panel construction. The link form is designed for side load slide-in systems. It eliminates any possible joint leakage, and can reduce filter change-out time by up to 70%. Both panels and links offer approximately three times the life of fiberglass panel filters. When used as pre-filters, these filters will add substantially to the life of more expensive high-efficiency filters.

Product Descripcion:

M-3 Link Filters

The M-3 Links are constructed with a premium grade, 100% polyester fiber, 3 stage panel filter. These filters are treated with an aggressive tackifier which is sticky to the touch, but will not transfer to hands, clothing or coils.

  • Aggressive tackifier traps and holds dirt particles
  • Self-sealing design prevents air by-pass that lowers efficiency
  • Three stage filtration
  • Heavy tackifier on final layer
  • Galvanized interior 9-gauge wire ring
  • Replaces pleats and fiberglass throwaways
  • Designed for rugged commercial/industrial applications
  • A wide range of standard and custom sizes available


The M-3 Panels & Links are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications requiring higher levels of performance. These filters are also used extensively in paint booths to clean incoming air before it reaches the spraying surface. The M-3 Panels & Links are highly effective in typical HVAC applications and as a pre-filter to high efficiency filters.