• Standard Fiberglass with Scrim
  • Industrial Fiberglass with Scrim
  • Polyester 1/2″ with Scrim
  • Polyester 1″ with Scrim
  • Polyester 15/40″ with Scrim

Product Descripcion:

The Automatic Roll filters are designed for quick and easy installation. Filtration Group manufactures all makes and models in a wide variety of media styles. Since there is no universal filter media that will do every job, we offer five different grades of fiberglass and synthetic media, allowing the selection of a media that fits the needs of your installation.


Automatic Roll filters are designed for commercial and industrial use. The roll filters fit all types of machines without modification of existing hardware.Filter systems differ, either by air flow, humidity, temperature or filtration efficiency desired. The five different media types that are available each have different filtering characteristics.

Universal Replacements For:

  • Carrier
  • American Air Filter
  • Cambridge
  • Continental
  • FARR
  • Airmaze
  • Feature and Benefits:

    Fiberglass has historically been the media of choice. The media blanket is literally made up of miles of glass strands bonded together with a thermo setting agent. The media is progressively denser from the air-entering side to the air-exiting side. An adhesive is applied to enhance the filtration performance of the media.

    Synthetic media, manufactured from high loft virgin polyester fibers, have steadily increased in popularity. Polyester is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries. The media is easy to handle with bare hands. Fiber break-off is held to a minimum.

    Scrim backing is standard on all rolls. This backing provides additional media support and assures that the media configuration will be maintained throughout filter life.