• Hog Hair Media Rolls
  • Hog Hair Media Pads
  • Washable Foam Media Rolls
  • Washable Foam Media Pads

Product Description:

Washable media with rigid characteristics. Rolls can be easily cut to replace odd sized disposable filters.

  • Heavy duty commercial/industrial grade media
  • Rigid media can be cut into hundreds of size combinations
  • Reduces inventory
  • 100% polyester fibers
  • High dust holding (white) and high arrestance (green) versions
  • Can be washed or vacuumed
  • Replaces fiberglass and animal hair media
  • Odorless
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent pre- or roughing filter
  • Suitable for swamp coolers
  • Available in rolls and pads


  • Rigid Poly is excellent as a cut-to-fit filter for air conditioning units in restaurants, hotels and schools
  • Excellent for use in evaporative coolers
  • Prefiltration for higher efficiency filters
  • Designed for water or oil mist coalescing
  • Any application requiring a low resistance filter
  • Cut to size for industrial filtration on equipment cabinets